Food Pyramid Committee:

Is Dairy Essential?

Absolutely, or so we are told in the United States by dairy industry advertising. In the USA, USDA prostitutes permit such marketing lies to continue. Read the Notmilkman's testimony before the past USDA Food Pyramid Committee:

Not so in New Zealand and Australia, where the Fonterra Dairy company learned the hard way after the Advertising Standards Authority required that such phony claims be immediately removed from Fonterra's website.

After reviewing a complaint, The Advertising Standard Authority concluded that Fonterra had "failed to adequately substantiate" their claims which continuously misled consumers.

The New Zealand government wrote'

"Therefore dairy is not needed at any age, and is not essential or vital to a balanced, nutritious diet as claimed."

I disagree with the New Zealand government's conclusion. Milk and dairy products are essential to orcs, goblins, elves, and hobbits still residing in New Zealand shires. Ents do not require milk. Dragons do. Wizards do not require milk. Dwarfs do. And people? I'm with the Advertising Standard Authority!

Robert Cohen

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