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Dear Friend with Unselfishness,

Many of you are vegan/vegetarians, but many of you are carnivores.   All of you are my friends, so I need your two cents to help me understand how to determine which life to spare, which soul to care for...

As many of you are, I receive two to three hundred e-mails a day asking me to save a particular dog or cat in the pound.  Obviously I cannot save hundreds of them though I wish I could.

Consequently I feel so overwhelmed to realize that if we cannot even save our "best friends," how in the world can we save those who are considered as "food"?

One may say it is a cultural option, and I understand such.  However, would you accept a human baby grilled to be eaten if it were a tribal "option"?   Why is it OK to butcher and skin certain mammals but not dogs and cats?   Please explain; because if your excuse is what you've been used to, then I need to know how you would blame those who torture and eat dogs, cats, and human flesh out of their cultural custom.

The attached are the photos I took in Maui a couple years ago, and while I was photographing the baby calf, his mother mooed to bring him back to safety, and he ran back to her.  

Cows, too, care. 

They also know to love.  It's not just dogs and cats, but cows, horses, dolphins and all of them do "feel," and know the feeling of "love."

So my question is:  What is it that "allows" us to determine which species can be tortured and killed for humans' mere pleasure and/or greed?   I'm not religious but consider to be spiritual, yet I've found neither in old nor new testimony of the bible that allows such cruelty. — Read Ezekiel 11.6.

Thanks for paying the attention to the content of this e-mail and giving it a thought...   I wish you all the happiness that the Universe would provide you with!

In harmony,