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Guay Rights in South America

"In Latin America the border between soccer and politics is vague. There is a long list of governments that have fallen or been overthrown after the defeat of the national team." - Luis Suarez, Mexican journalist

Rewind the clock two years to the summer of 2010. What do World Cup football (soccer) and milk-related cancer deaths have in common?

Paraguay's soccer squad was one of only eight teams left in the World Cup tournament. Uruguay was also one of eight teams left in the quarterfinal round. Never before in World Cup play had the two South American Guays survived so far into the tourney.

To South Americans, this was bigger than is the Yankees playing the Mets in the baseball World Series to a New Yorker. South American revolutions have been waged over disputes of lesser significance.

I found a reason for the potential match of Paraguay versus Uruguay to be more exciting and more significant for a circumstance other than football. Got milk?

Uruguay does to the nth degree. Paraguay does by the thimbleful. Two nations in the same geographical neighborhood, one with a highly developed dairy industry, the other with relatively none. So how do Paraguayans and Uruguayans compare?

The population of Paraguay is approximately 6 million. The population of Uruguay is approximately 3 million.

Paraguay produces about 200 million liters of milk annually. Uruguay produces about 1 billion liters of milk annually.

The average milk produced per capita:

Paraguay = 33 liters per individual
Uruguay = 333 liters per individual

Dramatic difference!

America's dairy industry claims that milk consumption prevents cancer. Notmilk claims that milk contains igf-1, a hormone which accelerates cancer growth. See

The bottom line:

People in Uruguay consume ten times the amount of milk as those living in Paraguay. A review of the nations with the top 50 cancer death rates reveal that Uruguay ranks number six in cancer mortality for males and ninth in cancer mortality for females. Paraguay? They do not appear in the top 50 in either category.

Blow your Vuvuzela for Paraguay.

Let out a Bronx Cheer for Uruguay:

As for Notmilk? Gooooooooooooaaaalll!

Robert Cohen

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