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Green for "Go Vegan"

MORE people are giving up eating and wearing animal products by turning vegan.

In the UK alone, veganism has risen by 200 per cent in the past decade and there are now an estimated 300,000 people in Britain choosing the strict lifestyle.

It's thought more people are changing their diet because of wider consumer choice.

With more alternatives available in shops, it's easier for vegans to get a healthy, balanced diet.

Vegans opt for a plant-based diet free of all animal products - including milk, eggs and honey.

Most also choose not to wear leather, wool or silk.

Most cite the cruelty of modern farming methods as one of the main reasons for their decision, as well as the fear of perceived food dangers including salmonella in eggs, CJD - the human form of Mad Cow Disease - or the SARS bird flu.

Even non-vegans wishing to follow a healthier diet are opting for some aspects of the vegan regime, such as eating more vegetables, pulses and nuts.

To mark World Vegan Day tomorrow, here is a closer look at veganism.
On World Vegan Day, vegans will highlight damage to the planet through eating meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Members of the Vegan Society believe a plant-based vegan diet uses substantially less energy than a diet based on animal products.

For advice on veganism, contact The Vegan Society at or phone 0845 458 8244.

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