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The Essence of an Apple

"The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge;
once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek
the strength to see more, not less."
- Arthur Miller

The June 6, 2011 issue of the International Journal of Food
Science Nutrition reports a Chinese study in which researchers

"The antioxidants from plant foods improve the body's antioxidant
defense by acting additively and synergistically...Both apple and
grape are antioxidant-rich fruits. Our results indicated that
intake of apple and grape juice was efficient in enhancing the
body's antioxidant status."

Is this a surprise to you? Perhaps the rest of today's
Notmilk column will be too.

Methionine is an amino acid containing sulfur
as its center atom. You might recall the stench of
buring sulfur from high school chemistry class.

Methionine converts to homocysteine in the human body.
Homocysteine has been called a key factor in the etiology
of heart disease. Similar observations regarding methionine
and homocysteine have been applied to bone disease. The
abundant amount of sulphur in animal protein creates an
acid condition in human blood. The acid must be neutralized
and the body draws calcium from its own bones in order to
do so.

Apples, pineapples, and cabbage contain methionine as do
other fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Unlike
animal proteins, plant protein contains miniscule
amounts of methionine which is necessary for human
functioning. An excess of methionine is the problem.

Chicken is delicious. You'll get no debate from me regarding that
matter. Perhaps what gives chicken so much incredible flavor is
the presence of this sulfur-containing amino acids in chicken
protein. It may taste good coming into the mouth, but it creates
horrible odors within the body and on the way out. I can smell
the sulfur on the breath of a chicken eater. I can detect the
offensive odor as I get close to chicken eaters. Chicken is
harmful to human health. Eating chicken shows no compassion
to the life of a bird, and even less compassion to one's body.

After researching the level of methionine in various foods, I
am even more convinced of the damage chicken causes. Here are
the results for 100-gram portions (3 1/2 ounces) of apples and

One portion of apples contains 0.001 grams of methionine.
One portion of chicken contains 0.855 grams of methionine.

Would you prefer to have the essence of rotten sulfur coursing
through your blood and distributed to every cell of your body?
One portion of chicken contains 855 times the amount of
methionine as does an equal portion of apples.

Compare Various Foods:

Apples contain 0.001 grams of methionine.
Pineapple contains 0.012 grams of methionine.
Cabbage contains 0.014 grams of methionine.
Soft silken tofu contains 0.074 grams of methionine.
Hard boiled eggs contain 0.392 grams of methionine.
Cheddar cheese contains 0.652 grams of methionine.
Parmesan cheese contains 0.958 grams of methionine.

Physically and spiritually, are you a rotten-smelling
rancid cheese=head, or perhaps the essence of fresh-pressed
cider from fragrant apples?

Don't be a wine-sap by continuing to eat animal protein.
Give up the chicken and you'll be golden delicious!

Robert Cohen

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