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What next? Peace activists arguing we drop fewer bombs?

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What next? Peace activists arguing we drop fewer bombs?

By Alison Banville


There is something strange about today’s environmental movement. Something is not quite right. Passionate argument pours forth from the mouths of the ecologically aware - and yet there is something missing. There is a ‘Twilight Zone’ quality to the discourse, and the disturbing whiff of what the more cynical amongst us may even label a conspiracy.

What’s wrong? What is making a small, but very concerned, number of green campaigners so uneasy?

The answer lies in the stubborn refusal by the wider movement to confront, honestly, one of the most compelling issues at the heart of the debate - the disastrous environmental impact of meat and dairy production. Never has something so central to the causes of everything a movement is fighting to remedy been so willfully ignored by that same movement. But what can the reasoning be behind such an omission? Why on earth would intelligent, knowledgeable people, from grass roots campaigners to esteemed experts, disregard an issue as crucial as this in their fight for environmental justice? The answer is very simple - most environmentalists just adore a juicy steak, a bacon sandwich, a Sunday roast, a cheese toastie or a grand latte!

That is the inconvenient truth. It is the truth of the self-delusion of those who consume meat and dairy and yet congratulate themselves on their environmental awareness. These impassioned campaigners have found they are even more passionate about their pleasures. How annoying to find that the two conflict! And conflict the

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