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Dr. Greger's New Vol. 9 Latest in Nutrition DVD

I'm excited to announce that yet another new volume of my Latest in
Human Nutrition DVD series is now available at
(all proceeds go to The Humane Society of the United States).

Normally, I come out with just one volume a year, but to fulfill my
promise of uploading a new video every weekday year-round to I've had to step it up! As usual, I've try to scour
the world's scholarly literature on clinical nutrition for the most interesting,
practical, and groundbreaking science published over the last 12 months
on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even
reverse chronic disease.

Here's the chapter listing for volume 9:

1. SAD states
2. Amnesic seafood poisoning
3. A fine kettle of fluoxetine
4. Red fish, white fish; dark fish, atrial fibrillation
5. Hair testing for mercury before considering pregnancy
6. Nerves of mercury
7. Which brand of tuna has the most mercury?
8. Health food store supplement advice
9. Bad advice from health food store employees
10. Dangerous advice from health food store employees
11. Pharmacists versus health food store employees: who gives better advice?
12. Dietary supplement snake oil
13. Heavy metals in protein powder supplements
14. Some dietary supplements may be more than a waste of money
15. Handwashing compliance of retail deli workers
16. Don't put your money where your mouth is
17. Tongue worm in human eye
18. Viral meat spray
19. Maggot meat spray
20. Not so delusional parasitosis
21. Unsafe at any feed
22. Zero tolerance to acceptable risk
23. Arterial acne
24. Blocking the first step of heart disease
25. Making our arteries less sticky
26. Chamomile tea may not be safe during pregnancy
27. Is hydroponic basil as healthy?
28. Boosting immunity through diet
29. Antiinflammatory effects of purple potatoes
30. Fighting inflammation in a nut shell
31. Achieving remission of Crohn's disease
32. The leaky gut theory of why animal products cause inflammation
33. The exogenous endotoxin theory
34. Dead meat bacteria endotoxemia
35. Antimutagenic activity of green versus white tea
36. Is caffeinated tea dehydrating?
37. Treating Gorlin syndrome with green tea
38. Treating genital warts with green tea
39. Preventing kidney failure through diet
40. Treating kidney failure through diet
41. Kiwifruit for irritable bowel syndrome
42. Kiwifruit and DNA repair
43. Plant-based diets and cellular stress defenses
44. What women should eat to live longer
45. Americans are living longer but sicker lives
46. The benefits of caloric restriction without the actual restricting
47. New mineral absorption enhancers found
48. Risk associated with iron supplements
49. How do nuts prevent sudden cardiac death?
50. Mineral of the year: magnesium

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In health,
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