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Dogs vs Cows for Dinner

"Until one has loved an animal a part
of one's soul remains un-awakened.
- Anatole France

* * *

Does the soul of a New York Steak-eater differ from a dog-eating man From Seoul? What's the sole difference?

New York is about 6,900 miles from Seoul. My airplane ride lasted over 14 hours.

I stayed with a family who rescues farm animals, but on special occasions, they eat dogs. At a recent conference in Connecticut, I met a group of people who rescue Greyhound racing dogs by placing some into loving families and putting others up for adoption. Each and every member of this group eats farm animals. Is there really a difference between the two groups?

I know one New York state woman who owns an animal sanctuary, giving eternal refuge to crippled dogs that few humans would ever adopt, while eating chicken, claiming that she herself is too sick to eat an entirely plant-based diet.

Many AR activists who march and hold up signs, or scream slogans at women and men wearing furs, continue to drink milk and eat cheese, and in doing so, participate in supporting the most abusive of farm practices.

The majority of animal rights advocates wage war upon factory farm practices by promoting so-called compassionate animal slaughter laws. These altruistic but misguided people promote larger living spaces for doomed animals, and raise and spend millions of dollars by sending out multiple mailings under the guise of rescuing and providing sanctuary for these animals, all fated to die under the sharp blade of a butcher's knife. Seems to me that at the moment of death, the unfortunate animal does not give a damn, and dies with pain and fear.

Many pleas for your funds promise and misrepresent that you will be adopting an animal. They do not tell you that their sanctuaries are filled with animals, and there is no longer any room for one or two more of the ten billion who will die this year. Your dollars will not be used to adopt an animal. Instead, your money will be used to adopt the philosophy of promoting animal welfare which exists to further betray animals.

Many people write about animal rights issues and never participate in a rescue. For them, heartbeats rarely challenge the upper limits of those adrenalin-driven experiences which really make the difference to abused animals.

I meet so few animal advocates who are uncompromisingly true to the spirit of total harmlessness to all living creatures.

* * *

"Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul."
- Thomas Merton

Robert Cohen

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