The American Dietetic Association (ADA) has 67,000 members. Their motto is "Everything in moderation." That includes McDonald's, other fast food restaurants, dairy products, NutraPoison, and sugar-rich soda. Of course, the one concept that they do not limit is donations by various industry groups who delight in seeing the ADA's continuing "everything in moderation" policy.

The ADA receives millions of dollars in various forms of funding from the milk industry. Their website features the dairy industry's "three per day" program. What whores these men and women of the ADA are. Dollars for death should be their new motto.

One thing we cannot accept is bad health, even in moderation. Advice from the ADA can collectively be flushed down one giant toilet. We suggest that you use Drano in moderation when sludge gets stuck in your drain and the toilet backs up.

I cannot imagine that Ellen White could have foreseen a herd of 67,000 ignoramuses marching like German WWII stormtroopers with perfect arcs in their alternate lateral arm swings and perfectly straightened Rockette-like leg kicks in sequence to the beat of a dyslexic drummer when she wrote the following in her nineteenth century Ministry of Healing:

"The narrow ideas of some would-be health reformers have been a great injury to the cause of hygiene. Hygienists should remember that dietetic reform will be judged, to a great degree, by the provision they make for their tables; and instead of taking a course that will bring discredit upon it, they should so exemplify its principles as to commend them to candid minds. They consult taste instead of reason or the laws of health."

Michael Jacobson, director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), wrote:

"What happens when nutrition meets money? Consider: The American Dietetic Association (ADA) publishes 'Nutrition Fact Sheets' that defend fast foods, the fake fat olestra, and starch-filled baby foods. And it published a position paper that gave sugar a clean bill of health. The ADA's fact sheets on eating out, olestra, and baby foods acknowledge that they were underwritten by McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Gerber. And one of the co-authors of its paper exonerating sugar was a scientific advisor to the Canadian Sugar Institute."

I offer a solution in the form of a simple formula to remedy the American Dietetic Association (ADA) virus. This solution will be controversial, but it is for the betterment of all Americans. The formula: Good health equals Giants Stadium in the New Jersey Meadowlands filled with the membership of the ADA plus one weapon of mass destruction. The air quality near exit 14-A off the New Jersey Turnpike is so rich with dioxins and other chemical pollutants that it can only get better as a result of a detonation, while the cumulative health of Americans will dramatically improve if that species of creature known as dieticious-wretched allus becomes extinct.

*Note: Construction crews are building a new football stadium next to the old one, so there is no real downside to the above formula.

Robert Cohen
http://www.notmilk. com
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