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Eating Well-Balanced Diet Advice From Expert Nitwits

"A learned fool is more a fool than an ignorant fool." - Moliere

Last week, I visited doctor Wilkin of Oradell, NJ for my annual exam. I came with a few questions. The first was, "Looking back on your experience, what have you learned was the worst piece of advice your medical professors gave to you?" He responded, "I can think of one example immediately; prescribing probiotics such as acidophilus. They don't work."

I then related to my physician that the Dannon Yogurt Research Foundation came to that same understanding about 15 years ago, concluding that the acipophilus they added to yogurt "does not culture in the human gut." It's all marketing, and consumers are the victims to commercial lies and deceit which sometimes trickles down to members of the medical community.

My response began a 20 minute conversation about food. I was happy to see my physician give careful consideration to what I said next.

"The worst bits of medical advice young doctors learn to give to their patients are, "Eat a balanced meal, eat plenty of good protein, substitute chicken for steak, and everything in moderation."

The sad truth about nutritional advice from most doctors, mal-nutritionists, and die-a-ticians, is that the scope of their food ignorance is directly related to the lack of wisdom of their own college teachers. Useless information learned by food professionals is passed on to sickly clients, and in that manner, disease continues. Sadly, few medical people recognize the dietary links to health and disease.

The advice to eat a balanced meal is the worst dietary advice ever delivered to humans.

When eating a balanced meal consisting of a steak, baked potato with sour cream, mixed salad with oily dressing, asparagus, and cheesecake for dessert, one creates havoc with one's gastric environment. Mixing protein and starch with carbohydrates and white sugar only results in making pharmacists wealthy.

During digestion, a distressed stomach squirts one digestive juice after another, adding to a difficult-to-digest toxic soup which has already begun the process of decay, fermentation, and putrefacation. And what happens next? After a restless sleep, the fool in the bed rises to break his fast by pouring a glass of milk into a bowl a cereal and neutralizing the acid which has yet to digest the previous evening's meal.

He then repeats the process during lunchtime.

He repeats the process again at dinner, and wonders two things. Why are his bowl movements so poor, and will his wife be purchasing some really soft Charmin bath tissue?

He never gives time to consider why companion animals have such magnificently firm bowel movements.

Everybody pretty much agrees with one other regarding how necessary it is to eat a well balanced meal.

Almost everybody. Not me, thanks to the lessons learned from Dr. Douglas Graham at :

I now eat just one food at a time as each meal. That food may be a platter of watermelon, or it might be ten or more bananas. A few apples or pears. An enormous green salad.

Well balanced diet expert's opinions hover halfway between extremely ignorant and mildly stupid.

I heard from one of those clueless folk this week who argued that a well-balanced meal includes any type of meat, and without meat, one will develop anemia followed by leukemia. I kid you not.

This "expert" argued that:

"a vegan/vegetarian diet eventually will result in anemia and in some cases leukemia."

She also is under the impression that vegetable protein is not the same as meat protein. Finally, we agreed on something.

Animal protein contains a large amount of two amino acids, methionine and cysteine (which have sulfur as their center atom). Methionine and cysteine form in the human liver to become homocysteine, which many scientists suggest is the key to heart disease, cancer, and bone loss.

Plant protein is clean fuel for the body to burn. Animal protein is dirty fuel which clogs the body's engine.

Ever listen to the offensive gurgling belching screams from an overstressed stomach in pain from acid reflux? It is not a pleasant sound.

"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." - Thomas Edison

Robert Cohen

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