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Diet For World Peace?


Could vegetarianism help solve the Middle East conflict? U.S. celebrity chef Christina Pirello, who is currently in Israel teaching about macrobiotic cooking, doesn't suggest peace would break out the moment Israelis and Palestinians stopped eating schnitzel and shawarma. She believes, however, that meat causes people to lose their ability to accept somebody else's point of view and that most conflicts in the world could be solved if people ate less meat.

"Meat tends to make people opinionated and inflexible in many ways, physically as well as psychologically," the 54-year-old told Anglo File this week. "One thing I've noticed in my many years of keeping a plant-based diet is that people who eat plants - while they may not always agree with each other - always see the other opinion as valid.

Sometimes the things we eat, particularly when they contain chemicals, sugars and saturated fat, it clouds your vision a lot."

Pirello, who won the 1998 Emmy Award for her U.S.-wide televised cooking show, is a vigorous proponent of a macrobiotic diet, which strictly consists of plant-based and unprocessed foods, such as grains, beans, vegetables and fruit.

Supporters of the diet believe the food they do eat has tremendous powers. Pirello, for instance, believes switching to a macrobiotic lifestyle 26 years ago saved her at a time when doctors who diagnosed her with leukemia told her she had only six months to live.


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