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Supermeat: Cultured Cloned Meat

Cultured cloning meat without harming any animals.  Here is a YouTube with the Israeili startup (I believe the president of the company is a vegan).

The second is Super Meat pros and cons youtube by a vegan (thought he covered the issue well)

Submitted by Mark S.​

Introducing SuperMeat, the groundbreaking solution that's about to change the world. It’s real meat, without harming any animals. Sounds impossible, but we can make it happen. Join the movement, get involved.

Together with top researchers and scientists, SuperMeat is developing cultured meat to replace the meat consumed on a daily basis worldwide.

A "real" meat without animal suffering? An in-depth look at those claims and the potential repercussions of lab meat AKA cultured meat from a vegan perspective.

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