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When I first started veganism, I made it a point to be apologetic to everyone about my new lifestyle decision. I would also say things like "I think it's fine that you eat meat, but it's just not right for me." At the same time, there was an uncomfortable feeling I had about uttering those statements while the world was unapologetically busy slaughtering and enslaving animals at incredible rates.


Here is some of my best advice on being a proud vegan while retaining, perhaps increasing, respect from your peers and yourself.

1. Stop apologizing.

Remember vegans are members of a rights movement. You are living in non-violence to protest and abstain from the cruelty and slavery of sentient beings. ...


2. Overcome the prejudice of property.

In any rights movement, there are prejudices which drive discrimination between the oppressed and the oppressor. At least one of these prejudices in our society is the prejudice of property--that animals are usable things first, and maybe sentient self-interested creatures second. ...


3. Keep animal rights as the core

Often, I see vegans hindering the animal rights core of veganism opting instead to hook people in on the "Eco" or health appeal of a vegan diet. While this may be more PR-friendly, eco-vegans are the mos unstable vegans. ...


4. Never refer to your veganism as a 'diet'.

I mentioned earlier veganism is far too often referred to as a diet rather than a lifestyle. I would encourage the reader to see my article "Why veganism is more than a diet" to understand the full scope. The gist is: The physical act of putting animal products in our mouths does not cause animal exploitation. ...


5. Educate.

While there's not enough space to mention all the ways you can educate the public on vegan living without fulfilling the fear of confrontation, I hope I can convince you to understand education doesn't need to be arduous or negative. ...


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