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Dozen Carnivore Questions & Vegan Answers

"There are some questions that shouldn't be asked until a person is mature enough to appreciate the answers." - Anne Bishop

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One upon a time we (vegans) were not armed with great responses to difficult questions asked by those eating a porcine-based diet. "There's plenty of protein in broccoli", we'd respond, and that would invite the "ya gotta eat a wheelbarrow worth of broccoli" ridicule. We would counter "Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin", when informed that our bones would break if we did not drink cow's milk.

Now, a vegan need not learn all of the trivial factoids nor memorize the latest supportive science from medical journals which contradict advice from ignorant physicians who neglected to study nutrition in medical school. One simply has to point to the related page in the newest magazine to end all magazines: VegNews. Sample Questions from the Clueless (with appropriate responses):

01) "Nothing pleases my palate like chopped cow." Go to Page-04: Lightlife Vegan Meat Sans Middleman

02) "Nothing replaces the creamy taste of butter." Go to Page-5: Miyoko's Cultured Vegan Butter

03) "You can't order prepared vegan food." Go to Page-9: Vegan "Veestro" foods delivered.

04) "Who invented the first veggie burger?" Go to Page-17: A man named Kellogg (& cereal too!) 05) "What is $tarbuck$ most requested item?" Go to Page-18: Got almond milk?

06) "What is the fourth vegan Girl Scout cookie?" Go to Page-19: Graham cracker/vegan cream/chocolate.

07) "What is the friendliest Thanksgiving entree?" Go to Page-23: No spoiler provided here.

08) "Why does VegNews call Chloe "person of the year"? Go to Page-28: Zagat named her one of 30 individuals re-defining food the food Americans eat.

09) "Restaurant of the year?" Go to Page-29 for a photo of Moby's new place.

10) "Your vegan leather looks cheap & ridiculous." Go to Page-31 to read about plush "pineapple" leather. 11) "What gift do you give a vegan for the holidays?" Go to Page-39 for great vegan gift suggestions!

12) "Vegan diets are boring, so what's for breakfast?" Go to the back cover for the best vegan ad in history!" (Which worked on me...)

VegNews, it's part of our new culture. Join the rapidly emerging plant-based community (subscribe) today by calling toll-free:



6 issues (one year) are $20 and 2 years cost $36. 100-year subscriptions are available for those vegans who do not cheat.

How does one practice and prioritize a vegan lifestyle? Subscribing to VegNews is a good first step...

***NOTE: Notmilk does not accept a fee to market a vegan food, book, or magazine. Such promotions are done to support a worthy lifestyle. Do yourself a favor and support those giving their all for the same reason. * * * *

"Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane."
- Criss Jami, Killosophy

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