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Cancer is the Growth of Madness Denied

"Madness is locked beneath. It goes into tissues, is
swallowed by the cells. The cells go mad. Cancer is
their flag. Cancer is the growth of madness denied."
- Norman Mailer

On Saturday (June 11, 2011), the Journal of the American
Medical Association (JAMA) reported that ovarian cancer
screenings cause more health problems and do not reduce
cancer deaths. Scientists at the University of Alabama
called such diagnostic tests "invasive" and linked such
exams to the etiology of additional health problems.
Is the continued use of such tests...insanity, or the
growth of madness denied?

On Saturday (June 11, 2011), the Susan Komen organization
held a Race for the Curse in Buffalo, NY. Komen's major
sponsors include dairy producers, and Yoplait yogurt was
given to all breast cancer survivors who participated,
despite the fact that dairy products contain a naturally
occurring hormone which has been identified as the key
factor in the growth of every breast cancer. See:

Is the continued promotion of dairy products by
organizations who pretend to want to end cancer and
grow wealthy in doing so...insanity, or the growth of
madness defined?

On Saturday, June 11, 2011, CNN reported a list of
substances considered by the Department of Health and
Human Services (HHS) to be the most serious carcinogens
affecting Americans. That list included formaldehyde,
aristolochic acids (used in Chinese herbal medicines),
inhalable glass wool fibers, styrene, (Styrofoam, fiberglass)
captafol, cobalt-tungsten carbide, and o-nitrotoluene.
They ignored insulin-like growth factor identified in
hundreds of scientific studies as the key factor in
the growth of every human cancer. How could the media
have missed this one? Is this the growth of...madness defined?
Does hundreds of millions of dollars in ad revenue bias
media reporting?

Author Norman Mailer never met Ellen G. White, but
their written words parallel each other. What is the
etiology of madness? In her Ministry of healing
(page 313), Ellen White wrote:

"People are continually eating flesh that is filled with
tuberculosis and cancerous germs. Tuberculosis, cancer,
and other fatal diseases are thus communicated."

USDA slaughterhouse inspector Lester Friedlander once
told me that he regards chickens as "tumors with wings."

In her book "Slaughterhouse" Gail Eisnitz wrote:

"Federal records show that major meat packers smoked
rancid meat to cover foul odor, or marinated it to
disguise slime and smell...hams were soaked in chlorine
baths to remove slime and odor, and red dye was added
to beef to make it appear fresh. Plant managers repeatedly
fought to allow 'some contamination' such as feces, grease,
hydraulic oil, maggots, metal, floor residue and rancid meat..."

Barbecue the flesh of cows and you consume those diseased
animals that no longer produce enough milk to guarantee a
profit to the dairy farmer. Every cow milked in America
ends her life in a slaughterhouse, her broken and diseased
body contaminated with virus and bacteria. Such is the
nature of the stressed life she lives. When cows are diseased
with cancer or paratuberculosis, leukemia or other sicknesses,
that's when they are sent to their final fate. Your dinner
plate. The living tumors are cut from the dying animal and
reserved for food which you feed your cats and dogs.

Virtually every American over age 50 has cancer, primarily
in the thyroid gland. The New York Times revealed that
shocking news on November 8, 1994. You can look it up.
Those tumors are rarely diagnosed because the body's
miraculous immune system usually keeps cancers in check.
A series of events often releases those tight genetic
controls so that the cancer becomes...the growth of madness

We purchase and feed the cancers to our loved ones,
and nurture their proliferation after consuming powerful
protein growth hormones. Bathe your cells with each
glass of cow's milk; with each slice of pizza; with each
cup of yogurt; with each ice cold glass of pus with
hormones and glue.

Such is the nature of the growth of madness denied.

Robert Cohen

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