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New Case of Mad Cow Found in California

April 24, 2012.

"They're here!"
- Heather O'Rourke, Poltergeist

Let's assume for the moment that this was not a California Happy Cow. Happy Cows, as you know, are disease-free, or so we are told by USDA. We are also being told that meat and milk are safe to eat, so that sure must be a relief to American consumers.

Before being sent to the rendering facility where her body would have been ground into pet food for companion cats and companion dogs, how much milk over how many years did yesterday's Mad Cow provide for California boys and girls?

A cow filters through her udder 10,000 liters of pus, proteins, & dead white blood cells each day.


One cannot donate blood if he or she has spent more than two weeks in England, home of the original Mad Cow Disease outbreak.

If one cannot donate blood because the infectious mad cow disease protein (Prion) can be passed in the blood;


If Mad Cow Disease sometimes has a 40 year incubation period;


Since Mad Cows are clearly in our milking herd before their lethal diseases are detected;


Do you still lack the wisdom and continue to drink milk or eat concentrated dairy cheeses, butter, and ice cream from animals you know to be diseased?


The good news is twofold. First, dairy is delicious. Second, once infected with the human form of Mad Cow Disease, death comes rapidly.

The bad news? There is no bad news. Mad Cow Disease can save our Social Security and pension funds and give America a financially strong future.

Robert Cohen

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