Mission Statement

This documentary of the birth of a vegan baby, Cage Hart, is intended to give guidance to prospective and recent mothers in raising their vegan or vegetarian baby.

This documentary includes:
   1. Biographical information of the mother, baby, and family; including photos.
   2. A blog of the mother's and baby's diet, feelings, and visits to the doctor.
   3. A guestbook so visitors can ask questions or make comments.
   4. Links to articles and resources of information on raising a vegan.

Lesley sterger

I am a 28 year old mother of one veg kid (Jake the Dynamo - he's 4 years old), wife to a wonderful compassionate husband, and guardian to 6 dogs and 2 cats.  Our family is involved in rescue and rehab of an assortment of animals, animal rights and welfare, environment, and of course each other.
We try to live our lives on the karma principles: whatever you do will come back to you.  It isn't always easy...particularly when dealing with anti-animal rights and general ignorant people.  But we make the best of every situation.
Right now life is taking a slow pace for me.  I am very pregnant and due any day.  I am enjoying a good book ("A Hatful of Pain" by Craig Burton), taking my daily 'family' nap with all the animals on my bed, watching movies, of course the Internet, and cleaning.  (For those of you that have not experienced pregnancy you get a 'nesting' instinct that compels you to clean and re-clean everything you own...rearrange furniture at 3am...even as far as waking your mate to help.) 
On that note we try to have the most chemical free compassionate house we can.  So many cleaning products harm animals and the environment plus they leave a nasty residue behind.  There are hundreds of amazing all natural products available...I will be adding links soon.
I am really excited to have this blog and opportunity to share our lives with you.  I hope this will be able to inspire other families to go vegan and to prove to nay sayers that a vegan pregnancy is not a bad thing...in fact we vegans are better off through pregnancy than our meat eating sisters.  How will I prove this?  Through this baby's history, my doctors comments, pictures, and facts.