Vegan Baby Basics

How To Make Sure Your Vegetarian Child Eats Right - September 2008

Vegan is Safe for Infants - June 2007

Dr. Benjamin Spock's Baby Diet - June 2007

Vegan Baby Health - May 2007

Vegan Kids

Raising Vegetarians

New Jersey Vegan Parents

Vegan twins -- Vegan mothers have fewer hormones in system and are less likely to have twins.

From Breast Milk to Garbanzo Beans. From PETA. Includes abbreviated diary, diet tips, references.

Feeding Vegan Kids -- by Reed Mangels, Ph.D. From Vegetarian Resource Group. Includes diet plans categorized by age for babies and children through age 12.

Vegan Parenting -- by Audrey Nickel. Raising a vegan, from pregnancy through schooling.

The Civics -- Story of another healthy vegan family.

Infant Diet -- Weaning vegetarian babies, stages of weaning, important nutrients, further information.

Raising Vegan Children -- by Erin Pavlina. Details on feeding Vegan babies, infants, and children.

A Healthy Diet for Life -- Benefits of a Vegan diet.

Index to vegan FAQs, articles -- on this website.

Vegetarian Pregnancy -- Vegetarian Diets for Pregnancy and Children.

Vegan Pregnancy -- more diet tips.

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