December 6, 2001

Note: the bread is not vegan as it contains mono and di glicerides, and the burger now contains eggs and cheese.

King to Offer Vegan Burger
Burger King Challenges Tradition by Adding Some New Items to Its Classic Menu

Press Writer

MIAMI (AP) -- Coming soon to a Burger King near you: a new King Supreme sandwich, veggie burgers, a new milkshake and English muffin eggwich breakfast sandwich.

The fast-food chain is planning an upgrade to its menu as part of a major turnaround plan developed by its new management team. The changes will be felt from breakfast through dinner, with plans to introduce a new chicken sandwich next year.

"In addition to our heritage of the Whopper and flame-broiled burgers we determined that we needed to do a better job for our customers in variety,'' said Christopher Clouser, the company's executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

The King Supreme will offer two patties with cheese, special sauce, pickles and onions. The milkshakes will be old-fashioned, with a thicker consistency and an ice-cream base. The English muffin eggwich will offer another option in the morning.

Burger King also plans to enter the new world of veggie burgers, hoping to tap into a new market of consumers. The vegan burger enclosed in a wheat bun was well received during test runs in San Francisco and Canada, Clouser said.

"It's something designed with great care and we think there's going to be a lot of customer excitement,'' he said.

Clouser said the Miami-based company is also developing "what we feel is a one of a kind'' chicken option, including a flagship chicken product.

The second-largest fast food chain has hoped to rebound after sales in the fiscal year ended June 30 slipped 1 percent to $11.28 billion. Operating earnings dropped 12 percent to $255 million during the same period.

Under pressure from franchise owners to go private, Burger King chief executive John Dasburg said in April that the chain had talked with a leveraged buyout firm. Any changes would likely take place next year.

Besides the menu, the company also plans to upgrade its kitchens, broilers and cooking procedures at franchises, part of a new effort to improve relations with franchise owners.

"We have created a partnership with our franchisees that frankly had not been the case for the past three or four years,'' Clouser said. "We've determined that as our franchises succeed, we succeed.''

Lisa Marie
Staff: Animal In Print