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Got Breast Cancer? Get Soy.

Got Breast Cancer? Get Soy!

Soy consumption lowers breast cancer recurrence. That's the conclusion reached by Chinese researchers after monitoring 524 breast cancer victims over a six-year period.

The good news (revealed on October 18, 2010 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal - CMAJ) is that breast cancer is treatable and more beatable when post-menopausal victims consume soy products. The bad news is that breast cancer organizations such as Komen and Avon promote yogurt consumption because of the large donations they receive from the milk industry. Dairy products contain a naturally occurring hormone which contains IGF-1, breast cancer rocket fuel.

Researchers (Xinmei Kang MD PhD, et. al.) have concluded that soy phytoestrogens inhibit breast cancer growth. The scientists wrote:

"The recurrence rate of estrogen- and progesterone- positive breast cancer was 12.9% lower among patients in the highest quartile of soy isoflavone intake than among those in the lowest quartile..."

Robert Cohen

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