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Are Geniuses a Dime a Dozen?

Are Geniuses a Dime a Dozen?

"Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore."
    - Guru Nanak quotes (Indian Guru, 1492)

This past week, I've written about two medical doctors, both vegans, and in both cases I've referred to each man as a genius.

John McDougall, MD:

Caldwell Esselstyn, MD:

Do I use the term lightly?

Not at all. Each man deserves more accolades that I am able to muster, and each man has influenced my dietary choices and lifestyle, so that I have much to be thankful for when it comes to recognizing their work.


I have been on a path, just as we all walk that same path to seek dietary perfection. I have been finding pieces of the puzzle of the ideal diet for many years, and some time ago knew in my heart that I had found that perfect nutritional plan, but I was not yet ready to accept it and do the right thing for my body.

Now, I am.

Long ago, Dr. Douglas Graham knew and practiced the things which I denied. Dr. Graham was correct about wheat, and grains, and bananas, and watermelon.

Each time I argued with him, Dr. Graham showed patience, and taught me fact after fact. Although I lived in self-delusion and denial, my mind and body confirmed his wisdom. Each time I ate bread, my system became congested. Even wheat cracker snacks filled my body with mucus the day after. I loved making vegan pizza. I'll not do so again. Crusty French breads with hummus or more. I'll substitute veggies for wheat instead.

I now eat entirely a raw plant-based diet and am much better off as a result of doing so. I sleep better, play better, feel and think better.

Until I learn the art and skills necessary to become a breatharian, my thanks to my final food guru, Dr. Douglas Graham:

Robert Cohen

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