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Bill Gates Wants You to Reconsider Your Stance on Fake Meat


Imitation meat is just for bacon-deprived vegetarians, right? Bill Gates thinks otherwise. Writing on Mashable, Gates cites population growth and the environmental impact of raising animals for meat as reasons why everyone -- yes, even those who love In-N-Out double doubles -- to give fake meat a fair shake.

His argument, in essence, is not that fake chicken is more delicious than the real thing, it's that there soon won't be enough traditional protein to go around:

The global population is on track to reach 9 billion by 2050. What are all those people going to eat? With billions of people adding more animal protein to their diets -- meat consumption is expected to double by 2050 -- it seems clear that arable land for raising livestock won't be able to keep up ... For every 10 kilograms of grain we feed cattle, we get 1 kilogram of beef in return.

Often these arguments tend to aim squarely on industrial beef production, and the answer to this may be that we all need to eat less beef. But Gates suggests that through research, we may all come to enjoy chicken dinners without actual chicken, but with "the same 'mouth feel'" and taste as chicken

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