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Antioxidants: Plant Vs. Animal Foods

Dr. Michael Greger
January 25, 2012

In the beginning, blueberries were the best. Then walnuts took the title, then wild blueberries took it back. Then small red beans were considered the #1 most antioxidant-packed food (that is, until herbs and spices were tested). Frankly, I thought it was over in 2007. USDA had released a database of 277 foods. When only 40 foods were tested, sure, blueberries were #1, but when hundreds of foods were tested, blueberries no longer even made the top ten. I made videos ranking them by serving size, and by cost�antioxidant bang for your buck. Mission accomplished, or so I thought. Then came the landmark publication of a study of the total antioxidant content of more than 3,000 foods.

Today�s video-of-the-day on completed my analysis of this groundbreaking study, but it�s important to take a step back and see what this amazing body of work has to say about what we should eat in general:

Other videos in this series include:

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