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How to Accelerate Bone Disease

If you are a woman (or man) and want to lose bone density and welcome the pain and disabling effects of osteoporosis, here's what you should do.

As you approach and pass through menopause, do not exercise. Stress-bearing exercise prevents bone loss.

Cigarette smoking accelerates bone loss. Coffee consumption accelerates bone loss.

Eat animal proteins, particularly eggs, chicken, and red meat. Animal protein contains amino acids (methionine and cysteine) which have sulfur as their center atoms. Eat sulfur and you create an acid condition in your blood. In order to neutralize that acid, the body leeches calcium from your bones.

Drink coffee for its caffeine, tea for its theophyline, and cocoa for its theobromine. All three chemicals belong to a larger group of chemicals known as methyl-zanides. Caffeine, theophyline, and theobromine.

The average post-menopausal non-exercising meat-eating cigarette-smoking coffee-drinking woman will lose three percent of her bone density each year.

The average post-menopausal female couch potato who continues to eat chicken and eggs and either smokes or drinks coffee will lose two percent of her bone density each year.

The average post menopausal woman who does not go to the gym to work out, and abstains from coffee and smoking, but continues to eat meat will lose just one percent of her bone density each year.

Finally...the average post-menopausal woman who neither smokes nor drinks coffee and adopts a plant-based vegan diet and does stress-bearing exercise each day will lose close to zero percent of her bone density each year.

Your choice, ladies (and gentlemen).

Robert Cohen

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