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Five Scientific Truths to Share with Milk Lovers

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." - Galileo Galilei

When friends or relatives extol the virtues of milk, kindly send them these five references:

"In reality, cow's milk, especially processed cow's milk, has been linked to a variety of health problems, including: mucous production, hemoglobin loss, childhood diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, arthritis, kidney stones, mood swings, depression, irritability and allergies."

Townsend Medical Letter, May, 1995

"Cow's milk has become a point of controversy among doctors and nutritionists. There was a time when it was considered very desirable, but research has forced us to rethink this recommendation...dairy products contribute to a surprising number of health problems..."

Benjamin Spock, M.D., "Child Care," 7th Edition

"Osteoporosis is caused by a number of things, one of the most important being too much dietary protein."

SCIENCE 1986; 233

"The level of dioxin in a single serving of the Ben & Jerry's World's Best Vanilla Ice Cream tested was almost 200 times greater than the 'virtually safe [daily] dose' determined by the Environmental Protection Agency."

Steve Milloy, author of (Milloy tested samples of ice cream for dioxins. The only major newspaper to report the story was the Detroit Free Press). 11/8/99

"I have run into patients who undergo marked alterations in behavior patterns when ingesting dairy products, and whose behavior is totally changed by withholding them."

Letter, Pediatrics 1979;64(5) John J. Murray, M.D.

If the written words of respected authorities is not motivating, then here is a short Youtube Video that which they will find interesting...

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." - Albert Einstein

Robert Cohen

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