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August 2012 Prostrate Cancer Science

August, 2012 Prostate Cancer Science

The August 14, 2012 issue of the journal Nutrition & Metabolism (9,1,:74) explores the "The impact of cow's the initiation and progression of prostate cancer."

In their abstract, scientists report:

"Epidemiological evidence points to increased dairy protein consumption as a major dietary risk factor for the development of PCa (cases of prostate cancer).

"This review provides evidence that PCa initiation and progression are promoted by cow's milk, but not human milk...

"Increased cow's milk protein-mediated mTORC1 signaling along with constant exposure to commercial cow's milk estrogens derived from pregnant cows may explain the observed association between high dairy consumption and increased risk of PCa in Westernized societies.

"...high cow's milk consumption predominantly during critical growth phases of prostate development and differentiation may exert long-term adverse effects on prostate health.

"...restriction of dairy protein intake...may offer protection from the most common dairy-promoted cancer in men of Western societies."

Robert Cohen

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