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A Dissection of Hunting

Steve Best, Anthony Marr, and Jason Miller held an hour-long radio conversation about hunting. As the title of the radio show suggests, they dissected the subject. Chopped it up into many, many pieces and you can listen here:

Click on the link below to the mp3 file, download the file onto your computer, and the recording of the show will start playing on Realplayer or Windows Media.

A Dissection of Hunting
Posted on October 19, 2009

Anthony Marr

Animal Voices radio/online talkshow hosted by Anthony Marr
Guests: Dr. Steven Best and Jason Miller
To listen to the show, click on the link below and download the MP3 file:

Dr. Steve Best

Jason Miller

Watch the video at and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!
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