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Taken from an article by Greg Lawson -

A group of hunters in England are trying to set up their own "church" in order to try to protect themselves from their government's attempt to ban fox hunting. This news was reported recently in The Daily Telegraph of the UK.

The hunters feel that if they establish themselves as a church called the Free Church of Country Sports, they will be able to claim that anti-fox hunting legislation is a violation of their religious freedom. They claim that not only fox hunting, but also shooting and fishing are part of their religion.

The stained-glass windows on this church are exceedingly transparent; perhaps they should just openly call themselves The Church of the Immaculate Deception.

One of the founders of this group is Rod Brammer who runs a shooting school at Shillingford, Devon. Mr. Brammer was quoted by the Telegraph as saying, "We baptize our children by blooding them with the blood of that which we kill. Is this any more strange than dressing them in white and totally submerging them in water?" Yes, Mr. Brammer, that's a bit more strange. But that's only my opinion as a spiritual vegan.