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October 10, 2002

 "She looked like she'd just come out of the boxing ring with Mike Tyson"
Arrests expected after Sussex huntsman beats campaigner to a pulp during secret cub hunt

Two leading anti-hunt campaigners have been taken to hospital this morning after a vicious and sustained assault by the huntsman of the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray (CLC) Fox Hounds. Jaine and Simon Wild, of the West Sussex Wildlife Protection group, were attending a secret early morning cub hunt near Petworth, West Sussex, when they were set upon by the huntsman of the CLC FH, Jonathan Broise.

Jaine Wild was head-butted, kicked to the ground and repeatedly punched in the face by the huntsman, when husband Simon tried to intervene, he too was set upon. Ambulances and police units were called. Speaking from the scene by mobile telephone, Simon Wild said: "Jaine's face looks like something you'd expect to see after being in the boxing ring with Mike Tyson." He said that his wife had been "beaten to a pulp" by Mr Broise and that at one stage she was "barely conscious".

Jonathan Broise, who has been with the CLC FH was several years, has a well-documented history of violence against both anti-hunt campaigners and others. The huntsman is currently appealing against a conviction for head-butting a disabled magistrate during a fracas at a point to point meeting in Sussex and has an official police caution after admitting assaulting a hunt saboteur during a previous cub hunt. In 1994, he was caught on camera by a Channel 4 News crew fighting with hunt saboteurs and subsequently threatening the camera operator with war.

Earlier this year Mr Broise featured in The Independent newspaper and on BBC South Today after being filmed by anti hunt campaigners deliberately riding into Simon Wild before dragging him along by a radio strap and dropping him into the path of a second hunt rider. He was recently named by BBC Newsnight as part of a joint LACS / BBC investigation into pro-hunt violence.

It is understood that police are expecting to make arrests in connection with the incident.