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Exposing the Big Game

New Anti-hunting Book now Available!

May 19, 2012
by Exposing the Big Game

Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport is now available!
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Here�s the back cover text:

During the Nineteenth century, a serial killer known as Buffalo Bill terrorized the American West, shooting and dismembering his victims, who numbered in the thousands. But no special agents from the F.B.I. headquarters in Quantico were sent to stop Bill, or the procession of copycat killers who joined in the fun. The carnage was endorsed and encouraged; the victims, though gregarious, caring and benign, were nonhuman after all.

A holocaust to the tenth power, 60 million bison, a species once synonymous with the Great Plains, were massacred in a shameful era that nearly brought an end to them, along with elk, wolves, grizzlies, prairie dogs and every other animal hunters could get a bead on.

Still more shocking is that nowadays hunting is considered a sport. Modern hunters feel no remorse for the onslaught, nor empathy for the victims. Indeed, they are targeting those very same species with glee.

Exposing the Big Game takes on hunting and defends the animals with equal passion, while challenging the readers to reexamine their stance on killing for sport.

Excellent book, May 19, 2012

By Marc Bekoff (Boulder, Colorado USA)

This review is from: Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport (Paperback)

Exposing the Big Game is a must read for anyone interested in the "sport" of hunting. There's nothing sporting or fair about going out to kill innocent wild animals for the fun of it. Doing this means adopting a perverse set of values. If killing a dog bothers you, as it should, then so should killing other animals. Far too many sentient beings find themselves in the crosshairs of people who claim they love the animals they kill. I'm glad they don't love me.
     -- Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado, Boulder; author of The Emotional Lives of Animals and The Animal Manifesto

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