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Ask the Elk if Hunting is Ethical

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Ask the Elk If It's "Ethical"

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Exposing the Big Game

To the bird hunter who invited me to join him on an "ethical" hunt: thanks, but I think I'll pass. An ethical hunt is something that only exists in the mind. I'd have a better chance of coming across Bigfoot in a crop circle hitching a ride on a UFO piloted by angels than meeting a hunter who is truly ethical to the animals he kills.

How can tracking down an inoffensive creature and blasting it out of existence ever really be ethical? No matter how a hunter tries to rationalize or justify his sport, the dying will never see their killers' acts as the least bit honorable.
There are less destructive ways to get your kicks and healthier, less costly sources of nourishment than cholesterol-laden, carcinogenic rotting flesh. (Human dentition and digestive tracts are more in line with our plant-eating primate cousins than any true carnivore or omnivore).

Since he brought up the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, it might interest wolf proponents to know that the Olas J. Murie foundation severed tied with the RMEF over their extreme anti-wolf rhetoric. (In Montana this trophy elk hunting group played a major role in getting the state to increase its 'bag limit' on wolves from one to three per hunter/trapper).

The late Olas Murie, along with his brother, Adolph (author of The Wolves of Mount McKinley), was an early wolf advocate, one of the first proponents of biodiversity and wildlife preservation, and was a staunch defender of natural predators and their crucial role in ecosystems.

Olaus's son, Donald, told the RMEF that their "all-out war against wolves" is an "anathema to the entire Murie family. The Murie name must never be associated with the unscientific and inhumane practices you are advancing."
Yet the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation considers their hunting "ethical."

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