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Deer Alliance's Strategy Causes Accidents

Darien News~Review

22 February 2007

by Daniel Hammer, Staff Writer, Friends of Animals

Responding to a factual report by Friends of Animals showing hunting's risk to public safety, Kent Haydock said the claim is "completely false" -- after all, 10 or more deer were hit in Ridgefield "outside the hunting season" between March and September (Darien News-Review, Feb. 15).

The public record shows Ridgefield police responded to 57 reports of cars hitting deer in 2006. If only 10 of those accidents occurred outside of the hunting season that means 82 percent of accidents occurred during the hunting season. Haydock diminishes the credibility of Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance's own data by twisting the facts in order to claim deer-killing is the "only solution."

Darien residents should ask why the people who should be evaluating alleged deer problems are instead promoting killing, ignoring or deriding any information that conflicts with that promotion. The alliance's refusal to see things any other way subjects the community to reckless violence.

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