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December 01, 2002
Some facts about deer hunting

Hunting aggravates deer overpopulation and with it, the resultant deer-car collisions everybody hates. "In fact," explained New Mexico Fish and Game Director Wayne Evans in a letter of July 26, 1978, "hunting maximizes fawn production. . . . More animals are produced for the gun."

It has to do with the hunters shooting so many deer that the surviving females overpopulate -- having twin fawns instead of one, giving birth at age one instead of age two, etc.

New York State Regional Wildlife Manager Terry Moore told the Olean Times-Herald that, in order to increase the success rates of big game hunters, New York "will attempt to increase the number of deer until we experience high incidences of deer-car collisions,." Great.

Most third graders could ambush a pea-brained deer.  What's to be proud of?

I'd love to enjoy the fall woods, but the hunters are there shooting at everything under creation, including each other, cows, horses, and, in one case a woman hanging her wash on her backyard line (If I remember, she died).

As more and more people drop out of hunting we see a concentration in the hunter pool of the nastiest elements. Please don't let them concern you. They prefer to attack the defenseless.

Rob English
Syracuse, NY