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Cutting off the Financial Lifeline to Hare Coursing

Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports

Lower Coyne Street, Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland

Phone: (056) 7725543

May 21st 2012

Dear Friends,

We wonder if you could help us win a crucial battle in the ongoing campaign against hare coursing in Ireland.

As the campaign to persuade the Irish government to ban hare coursing continues, financial sponsorship is keeping this horrific practise alive.

In Ireland, as you may know, hare coursing events are staged in wire-enclosed fields. Though muzzled, the greyhounds inflict agonising injuries on the hares as a result of mauling them, forcibly striking the animals, pinning them to the ground, or literally tossing them into the air like playthings. We include links below to brief films of this activity.

Though many small sponsors have withdrawn support from hare coursing in Ireland, mainly in response to appeals from the various animal rights/protection groups, a few companies persist in pumping money into the practise.

The major sponsor is Greyhound and Pet World, which gives massive financial backing to hare coursing events. In particular it sponsors the annual marathon three-day hare coursing �festival� in which captive hares are terrorized and subjected to horrific injuries for three successive days on a converted racecourse.

Without this kind of sponsorship, many hare coursing clubs would have to cease their activities due to lack of funding. Already the number of clubs operating throughout the country has decreased over the past twenty years for this very reason.

We are therefore appealing for the help of other groups in our bid to persuade this major hare coursing sponsor, Greyhound and Pet World, to stop financing the practise. The company is probably weighing the pros and cons of any decision on whether to continue sponsoring hare coursing or otherwise. Your requests to it may tip the balance in favour of the animals.

So, bearing in mind that sponsorship is the very lifeblood of this appalling animal cruelty, we�d be grateful if you (or you members) could send a message to Greyhound and Pet World, asking the company to cease all financial sponsorship of hare coursing in Ireland. A brief email, letter, or phone call would suffice.

Here are the company�s contact details:

Address: Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick, Ireland.


Phone: (from outside Ireland) 00 353 6831389

And from within Ireland: 068-31389.

We will let you know if the company decides to quit sponsoring hare coursing. Many thanks for your time and best wishes with all your own campaigns.


John Fitzgerald,


Campaign for the Abolition

Of Cruel Sports

Here is a brief film showing exactly what happens in hare coursing as practiced in Ireland: 

Footage of the �Irish Cup� hare coursing event; held on Limerick racecourse in the last weekend of February 2012:

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