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Canadian Seal Hunt

The eleven Sea Shepherd Crew members were released earlier today on their own recognizance (O.R.) with a promise to appear on two charges -getting too close to the sealers clubbing and shooting the baby seals, and not having a permit to be on the ice. They are expected back in court in mid April.

The prosecutor asked the judge to set a one thousand dollar bail on each, but Colin Biroc stated to the judge, we'd rather "DO JAIL" then. . ."PAY BAIL!" Jerry Vlasak acted as the groups de facto defense attorney and argued against the bail. The judge stated to Vlasak that the seal hunt is legal in Canada, but Vlasak pointed out, in a court room filled with Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Department of Fisheries representatives, that "Slavery was legal at one time in the USA as well, and so was the holocaust in Germany. People forget that Hitler was democratically elected and under his governance Death Camps were legal" he politely told the judge. After one hour of arguments on both sides (Vlasak making his argument's handcuffed) the judge allowed all ten to be released O.R.

While in custody two of the crew went "on the blanket" meaning they refused to wear prison uniforms, so they stood buck-naked until the deputies gave them blankets to wrap around themselves (a bit too much information for us here at ADL-LA, but needless to say they ROCK!) No major life threatening injuries but a lot of bruises, aches, pains and a probable broken nose after being assaulted by the sealers.

They are all currently in Charlottetown trying to get back on board the Sea Shepherd which is still at sea.

Thanks for everyone's support, concern, e-mails, faxes and most of all your fighting spirit. The seals are still being killed, but we'll never give up the fight for all the animals with whom we share this planet . . . . .until they STOP THE KILLING. Even the judge agreed at the end of the bail hearing saying that "The protests in eastern Canada will continue every year until the seal hunt ends for good."