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Reader Responses to Robert Cohen,,
about the Dog Torture Videos

Do you own a fur-trimmed winter coat? Chances are that the fur comes from dogs raised in China. I recently wrote about the processing of this "commodity" and included a video for your viewing pleasure:

A few of your Comments:

Jamie  wrote:

I write this letter with shaking hands and a broken heart. Never in my life have I seen such horrible torture. Why couldn't they have at least killed these poor innocent animals first instead of leaving them to die such a horrible, cruel, heartless death. I will be haunted forever with images of the poor helpless creature laying there skinless, to die.

I watched the video to the end. My entire body feels like it's shaking from the inside out. The second half of the video showed only the rest of the animals whose fate was known.

I do believe if people saw this they would forever fight against it and not promote it by buying and/or wearing fur from these gorgeous and beautiful creatures.

Spence  wrote:

I have to agree with spirit grieved heavily and I also could not finish watching the videos. There is a day of reckoning. How dull and hardened people have become. It was never our destiny to be that way.

We were to be the keepers and protectors, not this...

Clare  wrote:

I have never seen such atrocity in my life, NEVER! I just couldn't believe my eyes or stop crying. The anger that arose within me is beyond belief...I am currently numb.

Kristi  wrote:

Thought I could watch this video. Didn't think it would bother me, but it did! I made it about 30 seconds and almost threw up. How horrifying!!! I don't buy fur, but was never really concerned about who did. This industry reminds me of the abortion clinics all over our country! Innocent preborn human lives need protected too! What kind of people are we becoming when we've lost our sense of the sanctity of life?

Osher  wrote:

Ouch! I started viewing the video. I had to turn it off after a few minutes. It is truly awful.

Gretchen  wrote:

I could watch only the beginning of that footage. My fiancée watched the whole thing and told me that there was a little guy who was skinned and then he got up and looked around. I was deeply disturbed for days after just hearing that. I take as much solace as I can from knowing that there are others who care like we do and are trying to stop the monsters.

Brenda  wrote:

You are right - its probably the worst visual I could imagine, but I did watch it - and the 2nd half is more about the poor animals in cages, rather than the live skinning of these beautiful creatures you would have seen - horrible.

You may be interested to know about Animals Asia Foundation

- apart from their famous China Moon Bear Rescue and sanctuary in China, Jill Robinson and her team of dedicated animal lovers (and influence in the chinese government), have their Dr. Dog program - which uses rescued dogs (and cats) from the live food/ animal trade - to take into doctors clinics, hospitals, blind children homes and orphanages etc to rekindle the lost special bond of "a mans best friend" and animals for positive health treatments. They are very special people indeed, having met Jill and the team and worked on some of their projects (as volunteer and pro-bono in Australia). Every bit of publicity counts (both hard to watch and the good outcomes) to stem the awful use of animals for human selfishness. Thanks for sharing the video.

Mary  wrote:

I watched in horror at the first animal and then when they took the cute white dog out of the cage who was very playful and started to skin it alive; I couldn't take it anymore. What is wrong with these people? I feel helpless to stop them.

John  wrote:

Evidently you can stomach more violence than I can. The few images I saw as I scanned through the video were more than enough to convince me that these people are cruel, sadistic, and could skin you or me alive without giving it a second thought. Too bad the American people are now obliged to send their wealth to such an evil murderous people. NAFTA and GATT are surely designed to weaken our beloved nation and China is likely one of the implements of death poised to destroy us.


I felt like vomitting after only literrally 5 seconds, I was so angry. Wow. That really ruined my day.

Linda  wrote:

I could only watch until the poor being was being skinned alive. All day I have said "Oh, my GOD", it is the most awful, terrible, inhumane thing I have ever seen. It filled me with such rage that I could easily bash in the head of the MAN with no qualms. The eyes of the injured and dying animals... a sight I shall always carry with me. My granddaughter and I are PETA members and vegetarians. I am afraid to even show her this video, she is only nine.

Kathy  wrote:

NEVER in my life have I witnessed such cruelty. The first half was so unbelievably horrible, with the skinning of live animals. The animals I am sure can hear and see the slaughter and know what is awaiting them. It is so horrible and cruel. Yes, I cried. and yes, I sent PETA a small donation as a visceral reaction. But I also asked PETA to get the word out to more people, rather than staging relatively innocent demonstrations against women who wear fur, such as throwing paint on a fur coat. People need to know what hell is going on right in our world. We can get the sights and word out to people, and you are right, if they see what is going on, they might stop the fur trade. I already had known that the fur trade was horrible, but I had not known the extent of it.

John  wrote:

Hello Secretary Gutierrez, I recently became aware of the horrific conditions under which China fur farms operate. Many animals are literally skinned alive, and remain alive for a good while after being skinned. See:

Much of the fur imported into the U.S. comes from China. Are there any plans on the part of U.S. trade officials to pressure the Chinese government to put a stop to these abominable practices? I've also written to North Carolina Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr, and to N.C. Representative Walter Jones Jr. about this. We've leaned on foreign countries with respect to their human rights records; it's time to do the same with regard to animal rights. Even the Almighty cares about how we treat our animal friends: "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." Proverbs 12:10

Please take some decided action here, and soon.  wrote: stomach turns as I bring these images to mind.

Sue  wrote:

I imagined myself a friend of the unfortunate individual whose coat you saw being removed...

His dazed comrade writes, below:

You saw a little of what we endure, and could not watch any more. I watch it every day. You called it unprecedented suffering. It is not. It is the routine riot against our ravaged race. I have witnessed it daily, from birth, from behind the wire squares that confine me and all my fellow sufferers.

The hairless ones, as we call them, (you may call them men) keep us in cages, very near the daily slaughter.

What envy drives men to covet our coats for themselves? What hatred drives them to torture us, all our lives, just because we have what they do not?

The ones who feed us--and those who torture us--do not even wear our coats, themselves. They murder us for sport, and trade our coats for ugly paper and tiny bits of metal, which can neither adorn nor keep them warm.

I will tell you what you could not watch, today. It is a scene that repeats itself daily, in my world, and nightly, in my dreams-- in all but one.

I will tell you that dream, first. I will let you know a little of the pleasure that I have only imagined, before I tell you of the nightmare that is my daily reality.

A hairless one--a small one, with great, round eyes, and a soothing voice, opens the door to my cage. She carries me gently. She says we are running away. She holds me in her arms, and I do not thrash or bite her. She smells of apples and rice, and not like the fermenting flesh of my fallen friends. The other hairless ones always smell of death and murder. She smells of life and goodness. I am not frightened.

But you don't want to hear my dream, now. You asked to hear what really happened. Most days, I do not leave my cage. But every day I long to escape it. I long to run along on the cool ground, and through the tall grasses, beneath the trees that beckon, in my dream.

This day, the cage opens. I am lifted into the air. Two of my comrades are waiting, on the ground already. The hairless one holds the big stick in his hand. I have seen him hit others with it. I have heard their cries. I close my eyes, as he strikes the friend on my left. The crack against bone is louder, and my friend's groan of shock and pain is sharper and more terrifying than any I have heard.

I feel the impact of a blunt beam against my own head. I am shocked beyond belief. I have seen this horror, but I never knew how dizzying pain was. Again, and again, the hairless one strikes me. I want to run away. I want the small one to gather me up and rescue me. I call to her. I call to anyone who will hear, but the stick keeps slamming into my skull, and all I know is pain and terror. Relentless terror. Why won't anyone come to my aid? I fall limp, silent, at last, and I begin to dream.

I dream I am running, beside the small, hairless one. She feeds me berries and flowers that are more succulent than any food that ever was tossed into my cage.

But then I hear a noise, a gutteral, sucking, wretching noise, and I open my eyes. The hairless one has tied my comrade up by his legs. He has sliced around the bottoms of his feet, and slit his coat up to his belly. My friend gags and wretches, and then he begins to fight. He thrashes in vain, and calls for help, but we are all helpless. The hairless ones shout. They laugh and spit and talk as if it is a sport to cause us pain. The hairless one cuts away at bits of flesh that hold the coat to my friend's most personal places.

I fear for my friend's life. I fear his pain. I know that I will be the next one hoisted by my legs. I know that no round-eyed child is coming for me, but I wish I'd had time to tell my friend of the dream. It is something to think about. Something to carry the mind away from the unrelenting terror and pain. My head is throbbing. I cannot imagine how the peeling will feel.

The hairless one grabs my friend's coat in both his hands, now, and gives a mighty pull. He peels the flesh from my friend, and it comes off in one, ghastly whole.

The hairless one hands my friend's coat to another hairless one. I do not think they are friends. What bond can form between two beings who kill and torture others, for a living? Their sole delight derives from others' pain.

My friend is beside me, now. He opens his mouth to speak. But his despair is unutterable. He falls, back, spent. With all his strength he raises his head, and looks into my eyes. I know he is trying to speak to me. But he has no words. I notice now, what large, round eyes he has. They are rimmed with long, beautiful lashes. He is hairless, now. But he is not like the others. He is small. He looks almost like the child of my dreams. But he could not rescue me. His face and body are red with blood. His eyes are full of grief and pain.

I do not know how it feels. But I will. I wait, and close my eyes. I know they will come for me next.

But they do not. I hear the barking of another animal. A chorus of barking. The white dogs are rebelling. Some of my comrades reply. I don't understand the white dogs' language, but I hear, in their barking, the same terror and outrage that our, softer voices utter. They bring a dog from his cage. He is dazzling. His snow-white fur is long. The hairless one strikes him with the club. He does not lift him by the legs. He clubs the dog until he lies still. He raises his knife.

He makes the same cuts that he made around my friend's feet-- the feet that now lie, motionless, beside me, shod in the only remnant of a grand and shimmering garment. The dog is bigger. He fights harder. He barks. He turns his head to bite the man, and the man smacks his head, over and over, with the knife, until the dog lies still. He cuts again, around the dogs private parts. The dog complains. The man stands erect, with all his weight on one foot, atop the white dog's neck. When he steps off, the dog whimpers again.

The man jumps back on the neck again, with both feet now, and stomps the skull, to crush the life out of the dog.

I black out, for a moment. I cannot see. I am back in my dream. The little hairless girl comes for me. She lifts me in her arms. She carries me far, far, into the woods. She sets me down beside a still stream. I drink thirstily. I lay my head in the girl's lap. She feeds me. My head stops throbbing.

eyes. I see the man, still jumping on the dog's head. And then... all I know is the dream. All I want is the dream. To run in the woods, and drink by the stream-- to lie in the lap of a sweet-smelling girl, and eat berries.

Sue Molenda