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Montana Wolf Trappers Will Cause Pain and Suffering

A wolf is a highly intelligent and social sentient being. The amount of torture that trapped wolves are subjected to is immeasurable. Yet, despite massive public input in defense of wolves, the Montana state Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department (FWP) just added them to their long list of species that can be "lawfully" targeted by trappers. Ignoring record-breaking outcry, the FWP Commissioners have approved their wildlife agency's extreme "bag limit" of two wolves tortured to death per trapper, in addition to the ones they're already allowed to hunt. What this means is that each individual "sportsman" can legally kill THREE wolves – two by trapping and one by shooting.

Anyone who has seen the harrowing ordeal suffered by an animal caught in a leg-hold trap would be appalled and outraged that trapping is still legal in states like Montana. But trappers have no qualms about the cruelty they inflict. Just ask the vice president of the Montana Trappers Association:

"We trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one." Guys like this must have an over-inflated sense of entitlement to publically blurt out something this shallow, narcissistic and utterly absent of regret. Not to suggest they're psychopaths or anything, but grandiosity and the lack of remorse, guilt or empathy are all key traits of psychopathy…

If society were ever to practice pre-emptive incarceration based on a given person's potential to do harm to others, trappers would be the first to go.

For more info on the approved wolf hunting/trapping proposal, see:

If you're not happy about this, MONTANA'S GOVERNOR BRIAN SCHWEITZER would love to hear about it. He can be reached at: 406-444-3111 – or via Email:

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