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A majority of Americans agree: the fur industry is cruel

The annual "Fur Free Friday" protest may have lost its excitement in most American cities, but according to a fur industry study, 30+ years of anti-fur campaigning has left a lasting impression.

In early 2012, a fur industry trade group commissioned a survey to determine American's knowledge and attitudes about fur. The results are encouraging and a reminder of the power of the animal rights movement to shape public opinion: - Only one-in-five Americans (and 14% of women) think that trapping is conducted humanely. - Only one-quarter of Americans (19% of women) believe that mink and other animals on fur farms are raised humanely. - One-third of women (33%) cite "concerns about animals" as their reason for not wearing fur.

The opinion poll was followed with a focus group conducted in New York City in March 2012. The group discussion revealed, "discomfort about wearing fur related to industry practices." When presented with images of fur garments, focus group members reacted with feelings of warmth and luxury, but the images also suggested "animal death and cruelty." It was clear that animal rights messages about fur, "have become part of society's collective consciousness."

"A Communications Plan for the North American Fur Industry," a summary (intended for an internal audience) of the opinion poll and focus group results can be downloaded at

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