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Leslie Craine
Another good thing to say to fur wearers

I agree with you about embarrassing them. Maybe it's unfair but I feel that a fur wearer is simply proclaiming "I know but I don't care" as opposed to other animal issues where lack of awareness is often the problem.

Not to mention this added benefit: When other people in the crowd hear you, they'll remember it and tell their friends, some of whom were going to ask hubby for a fur this year. I really think even hearing about the harassment secondhand could make them rethink it. Who would want to deal with that fear?

Once you get used to being verbal, you find something that suits you. I like simply (and kinda loudly) "Shame on you for wearing fur!" Then I'm prepared to say more if needed, but usually that's enough.

Funny experience I once had - I was scolding a fur wearer who I later realized didn't speak a bit of English and she thought I liked her coat even though I was making frownie faces.

Oh, and I have a friend who says "Nice coat - did you kill it yourself?"