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Letter to the Editor

Trapping: Time to evolve past cruel practice

Trappers don�t care if animals are tortured and maimed and terrorized for who knows how long before they are �mercifully �bludgeoned or suffocated or shot.

Trappers don�t consider that there are 7 billion human beings on this planet and that some of us believe setting multiple traps to kill wildlife is ludicrous.

Trappers mutilate and kill indiscriminately; they have no idea what animal will have the misfortune to experience their �craft.�

Trappers disrespect our wishes to protect and preserve our rarest species; their target could be any one of them.

Trappers teach our children and future generations that it is acceptable to torture and terrorize animals.

Trappers are selfish; they turn our public lands into killing fields.

Trappers will someday be only a history in our evolutionary past.

John Ruther,


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