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"Minke Whales" by Anjo Verburg - June 2009
Study: Fish Feel Pain; Ban Fishing - April 2009
Scientific evidence proves that fish do in fact, feel pain and react to it.
Do fish have nociceptors: evidence for the evolution of a vertebrate sensory system by Dr. Lynne Sneddon, Dr. Victoria Braithwaite, Dr. Michael Gentle.
"The Science Behind Whether Fish Feel Pain" by Stuart Brown, Sept. 2003
Health Articles regarding fish consumption
Fish Photo Gallery - Wishful Thinking vs. Reality
Vegan Seafood: Beyond the Fish Shtick for Vegetarians By Chef N. Berkoff.
David Foster Wallace considers the lobster - March 2007
Sea Shepherd Saves Whale Pod from whalers! - February 2007
Antarctic Whale Defense video: 10mb .wmv. Narrated by Captain Watson, this video is a compelling look at our efforts to protect these gentle giants.
Do Fish Have Nociceptors (pdf file): Evolution of a vertebrate sensory system
Fishy Cooperation - December 2006. Describes the discovery of coordinated hunting between groupers (Plectropomus pessuliferus) and giant moray eels (Gymnothorax javanicus) in the Red Sea.
Triumph and Despair Alter Fishes' Future Behavior
Smart school of fish expose stupidity of a popular myth - November 2006
Fish Feel Pain as Much as Your Dog - October 2006 study.
That Fish You Caught Was in Pain - Victoria Braithwaite, October 2006
Fish Pain Studies -- update, July 2006.
Fish Feel Pain Debate -- 2006. Foxhunting shadow over 'fish feel pain' debate.
Anti-Fishing Activists -- 2006. Anti-fishing activists against tide at Jersey Shore
Fish Tricks -- Jan. 2006. Goldfish Can Learn Tricks.
Cruel Fishing -- Push to end cruel fishing.
The Hidden Lives Of Fish -- What you may not have known.
Why not Salmon -- Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Salmon.
What Fish Feel -- Researcher Stephanie Yue of the University of Guelph in Canada shares her team's surprising findings on fish sentience and ponders the ethical implications.
Fish feel -- What a fish feels.
Dog - Fishing -- PETA analogy of fishhook in dog's mouth.
Angling News -- Anglers Bite the Bloodsports Line.
fish feel pain -- Stories connected to report that 'FISH FEEL PAIN'.
Attitudes -- Attitudes towards fish.
How Fish Work -- From an Idiot's Guide to Fishing Basics.
More than a fish - several articles on one page about fish.
Fishing Not Serene - Fishing hardly a 'serene' sport, by David Crawford. 2005.
Fish -- From the Advocates for Animals Info sheets.
Do Fish Feel Pain -- Do Fish Feel Pain? by LaDon Swann.

Whaling movie (1 minutes movie). 007 speaks out in the movie.

Another whaling movie

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