Dear Animal Advocates,

Please follow the link below to view this article in last weeks Artvoice. The murder of crustastun's for food is a topic rarely discussed within the animal rights community. Why is this so? Yet these poor creatures suffer the most gruesome death imaginable.

Last fall I accidentally scalded myself while cooking. The pain was excruciating. That was only the mishap of spilling scalding hot water on my hand for just a second. Can you imagine having your entire body submerged in a tank of scalding water as lobster's do, with no escape. People who don't know any better or much less care, argue they die instantly. I am unsure myself as to how long it takes. I don't believe the article mentions a time frame. If its only 5 seconds , that's 5 seconds too long. I'm sure it takes a little longer than that. The point being if indeed it only took 5 seconds, the pain is unbearable. As mentioned previously I experienced a seconds worth of what it felt like.

The author makes a stupid remark about a moment of silence before dropping them to their death. If he indeed felt any guilt as to what he was doing he would search for a different line of work or employment in many restaurants that choose not to serve lobster. Better yet search for work in a vegan establishment. According to the Buffalo Vegetarian Society, there is a totally vegan restaurant in Darien New York. ( Of which I've yet to check out.)

Every individual has a choice but, the author chooses to continue torturing lobsters to death. ''It's my job'', he states. Well as mentioned, there are other establishments that don't serve lobster. As far as lobsters screaming, I can't comment on that. I have never witnessed one being cooked. Thank God for that however, that simply shows this individuals mentality. Just because they make no sound during their demise doesn't necessarily mean they feel no pain. Reptiles, fish, etc. don't.

Please read the article and offer your comments. I would like nothing better than to see this cruel and inhumane practice stopped. GO VEGAN!

All the Best,

Jeffery L. Termini, President
League of Humane Voters of WNY

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