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Factory Farming Slaughter

Newborns to Slaughter (No graphic images):

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Meet Meat -- flash video, description of "Meet Your Meat" video, plus link to obtain CD copy.
http://youtube. com=JpiuUsLlR_ M - non-graphic video about slaughter
Video -- link to short film of slaughterhouse from New Zealand student.
Video Frags -- Video clips on abuse in farming, animal transports, bullfights.

Poultry Industry Misleads the Public About the Humaneness of Slaughter - April 2015
JENNA WOGINRICH: Murder Most Sweet... - July 2014
An Autistic Activist Responds To Temple Grandin - Jan 2014
"Certified Humane" - Graphic Depiction of Slaughter - October 2013
Animal Abuse Persists at Some Slaughter Plants - July 2013
12 Reasons Why I Don't Believe in Humane Slaughter - March 2013
Petition - CCTV at all slaughterhouses in Europe and documentation of failure stuns - October 2012
Slaughterhouses_and_Increased_Crime_Rates.pdf - July 2011
Numbers Won't Work in Proposed Slaughter Plant - Dec 2010
Sexism and Meat - Nov 2010
Link between slaughterhouses and violent crime - May 2010
How visit in the slaughterhouse changed my life - March 2010
Veterinarian to Detail Slaughterhouse Breaches - March 2010
UK Slaughterman's Licence Suspended - Sept '09
Video Exposes Cruelty in Donuts' Egg Supplier Cages - Sept '09
Lindy McDowell: Why it's good children see a lamb led to slaughter - Sept '09
Slaughterhouse Corruption - August 2009
Government Sues Slaughterhouse - April 2009
Do Hamburgers Cause Crime? - April 2008
Investigator Says Abuse at Slaughterhouses is Widespread - Feb 08
Kosher Investigation - July 2007
Kosher Meat -- July 2006 opinion.
Chicken Slaughter - killing me softly
Patty on Slaughterhouses -- May 2006.
Holocaust -- The Animal Holocaust By David A. Weseloh, Ph.D.
Holocaust video -- Holocaust flash video from S.A.N.E.
choice, misery -- Our choice, their misery: A taste of animal rights by Alka Chandna.
Short life of farm animals -- The (Very Short) Life of Factory-Farmed Animals.
They die by pieces -- They die piece by piece (second part of above article).
Slaughterhouse Pics -- These pictures come from Gail Eisnitz's investigation of slaughterhouses.
        Slaughter Pics 2   Slaughter Pics 3 
A Slaughterhouse -- A Slaughterhouse by Michael Lesy.
Visit a Slaughter -- A Visit To A Slaughterhouse by Dave Gifford.
The Slaughter of Animals for Food -- Pain by the numbers, in Britain by HAROLD HILLMAN  BSc PhD.
kosher killing -- "Grisly" kosher slaughterhouse footage covered in NY Times and International Herald Tribune.
The Practice -- Graphic slaughterhouse footage and message about society's double standard on ABC's The Practice.
Slaughter -- Experience of a London punk chick.
End of Their World - algumas tristes, por comuns, cenas do nosso tratamento para com os animais
Britain Ban -- Britain May Ban Muslim And Jewish Animal Slaughter Methods.
Work Injury -- Meat packing plant statistics in Texas.

 End the Cruelty
This is graphic, but it represents the pain slaughterhouse animals go through every day.


Animal Cruelty


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