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The Animal Holocaust
By David A. Weseloh, Ph.D. --
Owner of VEGAN

It is hard to give the exact number of animals that are killed throughout the world each year but it is estimated that it is about 45 billion. That means about 5,137,000 animals are killed every hour throughout the world. It takes slightly over one hour to equal the numbers of innocent Jews that were killed in the Jewish Holocaust. Would you believe that there has been about 2,600,000,000,000 animals killed in the world since the end of WWII? The 2.6 trillion animals killed for food and experimentation since WWII is an educated guess. That is a little less then a half million times as many Jews that were killed in the Jewish Holocaust. The word "holocaust" can apply to both the animal holocaust and the Jewish Holocaust and does not take away from the Jewish Holocaust. The comparison is valid since both get rounded up and placed into cages (concentration camps). They both are tortured and sometimes starved in the case of laying hens. They are both eventually slaughtered.

If we look at just the USA then we find an estimated 9.5 billion animals killed each year. That is 1,084,000 animals killed ever hour or about 18,067 animals killed every minute. With 301 animals killed every second, that is about one and a half time as many people killed on the train in Spain by terrorist in the beginning of March. Then we say that we do not want to upset our flesh eating friends by trying to convert them. I think that we should do anything ethical to stop the killing of animals for food and experimentation.

Now is the time to concentrate on getting our family and friends to become vegans. We need to do whatever we can to save the animals. There is a real animal holocaust in the world and we are on the front lines to save them. We cannot surrender! We cannot retreat! We must go forward!

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