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Investigator Says Abuse at Slaughterhouses is Widespread


Animal cruelty investigator says abuse at slaughterhouses is widespread in the industry


Frank Allen, an animal cruelty investigator for Animal Acres in Acton, was not at all surprised to hear about the violations of California's downed animal law uncovered last week at a meat packing plant in Chino.

Allen said he has investigated stockyards, dairies and livestock auctions in the Chino Valley, uncovering numerous violations and urging officials to enforce the downed animal protection law. He even attempted to get into the Westland/Hallmark Meat Packing Co., but was denied access.

"I was not surprised at all -- this problem is rampant. It's bigger than just one slaughterhouse," Allen said Thursday.

Animal Acres is a farm animal sanctuary that also conducts rescue and refuge efforts. In 2007, Animal Acres provided undercover video footage of numerous downed animal cruelty violations to Ontario officials, asking that charges be filed. In one case, a live cow was put in a front-end loader and dumped into a rendering truck -- an illegal action under the downed animal law.

Allen visits slaughterhouses undercover or, whenever possible, with the permission of the owners.


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