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Video Exposes Cruelty in Donuts' Egg Supplier Cages

WASHINGTON, Sept. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Today, animal protection charity Compassion Over Killing released a new investigation inside an egg factory farm owned by Michael Foods, a company that supplies eggs to Dunkin' Donuts. While employed at the facility in August, a COK investigator used a hidden camera to document conditions for hens in this factory farm, which confines more than one million birds inside barren wire battery cages.

Footage from inside Michael Foods shows:
-- Hens immobilized in the wires of their cages, unable to access food or water
-- Decomposing and "mummified" corpses left in cages with live birds
-- A Michael Foods employee decapitating a hen

-- Birds suffering from overcrowding, severe feather loss, and untreated injuries

Michael Foods is one of the country's largest egg producers, supplying eggs to several national restaurant chains.

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