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Rabbit Meat - The War on Rabbits

Each year more than 8 million rabbits are raised and slaughtered for their meat by approximately 200,000 producers across the country. Known primarily as a cottage industry, American rabbit-meat production is largely unregulated by the federal authorities and removed from the public eye.

Undercover Video Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter - http://getactive. campaign/ armani_fur_ investigation? c=weekly_ enews

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The web site that this takes you to eventually is Italian but the English paragraph reveals the appalling statistics about the massacre of rabbits.

The human war against rabbits. I am afraid of human.
900 millions of murdered rabbits every year in the World; 350 millions killed in a year in Europe; 47 % skins imported from Italy on the European total; 11 % skins that Italy exports on the European total; the 76 % of European production ...
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