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Rabbits, Factory Farming's Best Kept Secret

April 2012

Investigation: Rabbits

Dear Mary,
Exposed: factory farming’s best kept secret

As you may have read in The Sunday Times this weekend, Compassion’s latest investigation has exposed another barren battery cage scandal in Europe. And this time rabbits are the victims.

During the investigation we witnessed extremely high levels of suffering; rabbits kept in tiny, bare wire cages, unable to move freely or express their natural desires to dig or hide. The conditions are so detrimental to their welfare that more than 15% of these animals die in their cages. Click play to watch our rabbit investigation film

“The intensive rabbit farms I saw were the dirtiest and most squalid farms I’ve ever visited – one was literally ramshackle, falling apart at the seams, exposing tiers of caged rabbits to the elements.” Compassion Investigator
Something has got to change. And fast.

Please read our investigator’s full account and watch our campaign film – and encourage your friends to watch it too. We must raise awareness of this awful industry – before millions more rabbits become victims of cruelty. We must act now

Globally, rabbit farming has nearly doubled in the last 20 years and has become much more intensive. There are no EU laws specifically protecting rabbits and these vulnerable animals have been ignored in an important part of the new EU slaughter regulations coming into force in 2013. They are completely defenceless against inhumane practices and cruelty. And, meat from rabbits kept in these conditions is being sold right now across the UK and Europe. The Rabbit Revolution - 3 ways you can help

Please click here to support our Rabbit Revolution campaign. There are three ways you can help:


Watch our campaign film and share it with as many people as possible.

If your friends and family eat rabbit meat, make them aware it could be factory farmed and tell them about the awful suffering the animal may have endured. Remember: if it doesn’t say “high welfare”, it probably isn’t.

Please consider making a donation to our campaign to help stop the suffering of rabbits.
Rabbit Revolution

Thank you so much for your support. Emma Slawinski signature

Emma Slawinski
Senior Campaign Manager Emma Slawinski

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