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"Not Abusive" - National Pork Board

After watching Compassion Over Killing's new undercover footage taken inside a pig breeding factory farm in Iowa, the National Pork Board proclaimed "the practices shown in the video are not abusive."

Who watches a piglet screaming as his genitals are cut off without painkiller and declares it "not abusive"? Who sees animals permanently locked in cages where they can barely move an inch their whole lives and thinks such treatment isn't abuse?

This is the mentality of an industry that is just simply out of step with how Americans know animals ought to be treated. Instead of acknowledging that these standard industry practices are cruel -- so cruel that gestation crates are being phased out of the European Union as well as eight US states and the painful castration of male piglets is banned in Switzerland and Norway -- agribusiness interests are instead trying to prevent Americans from finding out about them.

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