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Meet The New Meat

'A vegetarian in a hummer is much less damaging for the environment than a meat-eater on a bicycle'. Today's techniques for rearing livestock are unsustainable, particularly if global meat consumption doubles - as it's predicted to do - by 2050. Artificial meat will be the answer. Using stem cell technology to grow tissue in labs, we will be able to control variables and make the process much more efficient, environmentally friendly and healthy. It won't be cheap to begin with though. The first 'lab-burger' will cost �250,000.

Dec 18, 2011

The inaugural If Conference, from debate forum Intelligence Squared, took place on November 25-26th November in London. More than 30 celebrated scientists, award winning architects, farsighted futurologists and other brilliant minds shed light on the excitements and the dangers of tomorrow's world. Visit for video and picture highlights and to sign up for information about If Conference 2012.

download video file in .mp4 format: Mark Post_ Meet the new meat.mp4

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